1. Should All Members reset their password?

Members can check whether they are able to login and see their member status using their existing password. If they are not able to,      then they have to reset their password to enable them to     see their member status and to vote for the current Election.

2. What is the password resetting process ?

The password resetting process will be sent to All Members. It will be published in the IIA website as well . The members can use the following link to view the password resetting process.     Link-  •https://indianinstituteofarchitects.com/pdf/password-reset-process.pdf

3. Who is a Valid Voter ?

Any member who has cleared his/her dues upto 2021 March, will be a valid voter.

4. Upto which year, a Candidate / proposer/ or Seconder should have paid their dues , for IIA National Council/ Chapter/ Centre/ Sub Centre Elections?

The Candidate, Proposer and Seconder for National Council/ Chapter/ Centre/ Sub Centre should have paid their dues upto March,2022. For the election of IIA Representatives to  COA  the Candidate, Proposer and Seconder should have paid upto March,2023

5. Upto which year a Candidate /Proposer/Seconder for IIA Representative from the 5 Regions to COA should have paid their dues ?

The Candidate /Proposer/Seconder for the IIA Representative from the 5 Regions to COA should have paid their dues upto 2023 March.

6. How will a Candidate Submit his Nomination ?

The Nomination Forms are sent to All Members of IIA. It is also published in the IIA Website. Those who wish to Contest for any post in National / Chapter/ Centre / Sub Centre /  or IIA     Representative to COA,

Candidate shall take a printout of the relevant form , fill it, sign it, get signatures of the Proposer and Seconder, SCAN it and send it to the designated mail I’d mentioned in the form.

The Candidate can check with IIA HO whether his nomination is already received .The IIA HO will send a confirmation reply by mail.

7. What are the ways in which IIA is publishing the e Voting process ?

The IIA HO will be sending the process of resetting the password to all Voters. The process will be published in the Website as well.
The process of e -voting will also be sent to all Voters , with the help of Graphics for better understanding.
The IIA HO will be conducting webinars explaining the e-voting process and for clearing any doubts of the members.

8. Once the Voting is open for 3 continuous days, Should a member cast all votes for National / Chapter/ Centre/ Representative to COA in a single go ?

The member can choose to vote for the different Ballots at different times, during the stipulated Voting period. But Once Voted, one cannot revisit the Ballots.

9. How to check whether my Vote has been cast?

You can login to the website and check your ballot. If you have Voted it will show a message that you have voted.

10. Will there be a back end record of the Votes Cast ?

Yes. The record of the time of voting, membership no of the voter, and IP address from which the vote is done will be viewable by the scrutineers after the start of the counting. To whom the Vote is done will not be Visible in this back end record.

11.  Who is eligible to get the Voters list with e mail ids from IIA HO ?

Voters list can be shared to those Candidates whose names are announced in the final Candidates list. It will be shared to those candidates who write to IIA HO assuring that this list will  not be used for any other purpose other than contacting the Voters for Election purpose. If it is found that the list shared to any candidate is misused , it can be considered as a misconduct.
The list will be shared in the following manner:
a.. For Candidates contesting in the National Election , the National Voters list with Names of the members and e mail I’d will be shared.
b. For Candidates contesting in Chapter Election the list of the respective Chapter alone will be given. In the same way Candidates contesting in Centre and Sub Centre Elections will get only their respective lists.

Note- The Mobile no’s of Voters will not be shared in any case.

12. Whether the Candidates, Proposers & Seconders can pay their dues upto 2021-22 ?

Candidates,Proposers and seconders who have paid their dues upto 2020-21 and published in the voter list,can pay their dues  upto 2021-22  until  the 5th November 2020

13. If a person is proposing or seconding a nomination, can it be done for more than one candidate. If so is there a limit to this number?

A person cannot propose or second for more than one candidate for the same position. A person can propose or second for different positions.

14. The eligibility criteria mentioned for nomination to posts in the Chapter is mentioned as “shall have served as Member of the Executive Committee of the Chapter/Centre/Sub-   Centre at  least for one full term of two years”. Does this mean that the executive body members of a Centre or a Sub-Centre are eligible to contest for the posts of Chapter and vice-a-versa?

For office bearers position of a chapter one should have been a member of the executive committee of the chapter. This includes the Centre Chairman who is part of the EC of the chapter
15. For any further clarifications an email can be sent to IIA HO: iiapublication@gmail.comThe clarifications will be posted on the IIA website in the FAQs.

16. Can the proposer & seconder propose or second more than one candidate?

The proposer , seconder can respectively propose or second upto the number of positions in that category.

17. Are Lifetime & Onetime same?

Yes. They can tick on Lifetime.

18. Are executive committee  members & member of the executive committee the same?

Yes. Both are accepted.

19. In the Schedule published  for the IIA Elections 2020-22,  the date of the GBM for the National,Chapter, Centre & Sub-Centre is mentioned as 12th December, 2020. Can the Chapter,  Centre & Sub-Centres fix a different date?

The GBM of the National will be as scheduled. The GBMs of the Chapter,Centre & Sub-Centre can be held within 15days from the date of announcement of results.

20. In case the Jt.Hon.Secretaries are contesting the Elections who will be officiating in the election process from IIA?

Ar. Amogh Gupta, Jr. Vice President will be officiating, from IIA, for the Elections and with the Scrutineers / Supervisor.

21. What is the procedure if there are two or more nominations from any candidate for different positions and are valid?

If there are two or more valid nominations from any candidate for different positions they shall remain so until the date of withdrawal. The candidate can choose to retain the nomination of    one position and withdraw the others. If not withdrawn the scrutineers will retain only one as per bylaws.