Voters List IIA ELECTION 2020-2022


Dear Members,

The following steps have been taken so far to update the voters list.

a. Letters sent by post to members not having email Ids on 23.6.2017
b. Draft voter list sent to all Chapter / Center / Sub-Center on 6-7-2017 to revert back by 15th July, 2017
c. Updated membership list with dues status as on 16 April 2018 on the IIA website
d. Provisional List of Voters published in Website 19 April 2018
e. Draft Voter list sent to Chapter / Center / Sub-Center on 2.1.2019 & Published in Website
f. Draft Voter’s List – sent on 8th August, 2020, updating Fees paid upto 31st July, 2020
g. Email sent to all Chapters, Centers, Sub-Centers with List of Active, Inactive and Defaulter as on 12th August, 2020
h. Letters sent by post to members not having email Ids on 7.9.2020
i. Extension of date given upto 30th September for updating and payment of dues
j. Voters list of members paid upto 30th September,2020 published in website on 22.10.2020.

As suggested by the Scrutineers / Supervisor – Another opportunity is being given to those who have not sent their email ids in spite of reminders. They can send their request & information to by 5.0 P.M. by 14th December, 2020 for inclusion in the voters list, provided they are active members with no dues as on 30th September,2020.

Dr. Amogh Kumar Gupta
Jr. Vice President, IIA”